About us

The limited liability company "BIOnica" is a young and promising company. It was founded on 2nd March 2015 by Russian and foreign private persons with the purpose of realization of investment projects in the agricultural area.

There were several reasons why we chose this area:

  • Production of agricultural products is a promising perspective for development.
  • Agriculture is actively supported by state. The support is provided within the framework of the State Program of Agricultural Development and Regulation of Markets of Agricultural Products, Raw Materials and Food for 2013-2020 in the form of state aid allotted from the federal budget into the budgets of constituent territories of the Russian Federation.

According to the market survey, there is tight supply of Russian agricultural products into Chelyabinsk Region and imported from the lot of other countries, do not always meet the standards of quality and affordability. We believe that the project creating such an agro-industrial complex is going to efficiently influence the situation in the agricultural market in Chelyabinsk Region, to develop import phaseout and will make a significant contribution to the development of the agricultural industry within constituent territory of the Russian Federation and the Russian Federation in general.

In addition to improving economic indicators, we are pursuing a long-term goal to improve people’s welfare by changing the food culture and to promote a healthy diet because "man is what he eats.".

To date, selected clear directions of company's activity, which we divided into two stages:

  • The first stage - the implementation of the investment project "Aquaculture BIOnika". The project is carried out construction of the object "Plant of sturgeon hydrobionts growing BIOnika with production capacity of 350 tons / year of finished products and 10 tons / year of caviar";
  • The second stage is the implementation of the investment project "Aquaculture Catfish".